Please note that our bond cleaning prices are approximate figures. Each enquiry needs to be individually quoted for a final price.

With all our accepted bond cleaning quotes we are happy to provide invoices to the appropriate person.  For corporate cleaning we are happy to provide full invoices for tax purposes.

The Sunshine Coast Bond Cleaning “bond back guarantee” is base on the cleaning of your property.

We can’t guarantee your bond back if you have broken any other conditions of your lease like structural damage, including holes in walls, poorly kept gardens etc.

If you have any issues with getting your bond back related to cleaning quality of the premises please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will communicate with the property manager to get your bond back.

If your unsure about your obligations regarding your bond clean, we suggest approaching your property manager for any terms that need to be met on the exit condition report prior to contacting us.  That way if there is some special requests on your bond clean we can make sure they are not overlooked

Sunshine Coast Bond Cleaning (SCBC) guarantees the property in question will be cleaned to the standard of cleanliness as per all Real Estate Policy’s & Procedures. Should any cleaning not meet these standards we will return free of charge to rectify any cleaning issues in question.

Although we are professional bond cleaners unfortunately we do not use heavy duty machines such as tile & grout cleaners & gurneys.